All About Us...

Tipton and Digbeth- the Smith cavachons


After 20 years of persuasion,the Smith family grew in May 2016 when our beautiful Cavachon Tipton arrived; it did not take quite as much persuasion for Digbeth, his little brother, to join the family in January 2017. From the moment the boys arrived, they were thoroughly spoilt but I was increasingly underwhelmed with the quality of some of the things I bought. The solution was obvious, do it yourself and do it better!

I began by personalising towels and blankets with embroidered names and a pawprint . Feeling quite proud of myself I shared photos of the boys with their goodies on a fantastic Facebook page I had joined-Cavachons UK and it has grown from there.

I work full time as a deputy headteacher and fortunately have the skills and machinery of my husband's main business 'Empire Embroidery' to use as he does all of the technical bits and I have all of the ideas!

For me, the crux of Empire's Pet Emporium is quality and I absolutely pride myself on never making anything that I would not want for my boys and for treating each customer as an individual. Value for money is another reason I believe I have been so busy and this is a factor that customers constantly comment positively on when they receive their orders.

My ranges keep growing, often as a result of customer requests and their ideas. I now personalise blankets and towels with lots of different dog breeds as well as the paw prints, create hoodies for their owners, toybags to keep everything tidy and much, much more.

The business has already grown to more than I could ever have imagined a year ago when we brought home a tiny puppy. I look forward to working with more lovely people as it continues to grow and think that there is an exciting future ahead for Empire's Pet Emporium.

Enjoy shopping for your pet, and always just ask if there is anything I can help with.

Tabitha Smith