Snow dogs, snow days.

Tipton and Digbeth Smith here. Today we are sat watching the snow out of the dining room window, barking at each and every snowflake.Mum keeps telling us "shhhhhh!" and because we are such clever pups, we know this means "bark louder" so we do ! Saturdays are super long walk days so we are just awaiting the appearance of the bobble hat. As soon as our Mum puts her bobble hat on, we know it is time to go. We bark, roll around the floor, run around the house, whine and generally show our appreciation that it is bobble hat time. our Mum has a cavachon embroidered on her pink bobble hat and we sometimes disagree and get a bit growly over who inspired the original design- mum says she knows but we can't RUDE! Can you tell which of these faces inspired our Mum's first design ?