Sleepy Sunday.




Tipton and Digbeth here. Well it has been a tiring weekend but we have have stuck with it and if it all got too tricky, we had a little nap. Saturday was very demanding as our mum took us to have our haircut. Spa bath, conditioning treatments, nails clipped, everything trimmed !!! The demands on small Cavachons are never ending. To recover, we needed a nap, a two hour long nap to be precise. Mum was cross with Tipton as he managed to get spare rib sauce all over his new hair do and is now a delicate shade of pink; doesn't she know he was only trying to help ! Today we have rampaged around Kinver Edge, a fabulous walk near to our house. We got admiring looks as we were wearing our Equafleeces although one silly man said we were wearing onesies; clearly knows nothing about Cavachon style. We met a black Labrador who was a little bit too friendly and a very fast Pug called Poppy who just kept running around in circles. Anyway, it made us tired just watching so we were very ready for a snooze by the time we got home. Tipton tried a bit of modelling, showing off the cushions mum makes and whooooosh ! that is the weekend gone. It is amazing how quickly time goes when you are such  busy cavachons.